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K&K TREASURES – ‘Garden of Love’ 2015 Collection – Prints

Date: October 6, 2015 Category:

About K&K TREASURES Garden of Love 2015 Collection - Prints

Last year, I embarked on a mission to resurrect the awareness of endangered species through my artwork and love for print making.

With my love for animals, I felt the need to make a bold statement by bringing some awareness to our beloved but sadly and unlucky animals who on a daily basis are poached around the world for their body parts.

I value animals over the sad greed of mankind by which they make a living by eliminating the existence of these wonderful and beautiful creatures.

What inspired me for the creation of this small collection, is the wish for my future children to have the opportunity to live in a world with vast and abundance of nature and animals. I feel and believe the world needs to appreciate these animals for however big or small, dangerous or domestic for a better world and future for the next generation of humans and animals on this planet. A greener and peaceful world where man respects the life of animals. A world where man explores and interacts with nature on a daily basis. A world where technology is reduced for our well-being and awareness of things around us.

I continue to admire animals and nature and am looking to do a series of artworks based on the hundreds of endangered species in the world.