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Here’s to being 1!

Like an infant, we’ve been lactating to generate our slow growth.

At the age of 1, since launching our venture fuelled by our passions, we believe we’ve seen and gained a lot of life skills already!

With the many embraces from friends and loved ones since our birth, we’ve also adopted many new new friends and family who seem to love us in our “cutest” year we could ever be. Whilst we’ve been learning to crawl, we’ve been learning to recognise who our parents are, and that is, what our business is, what we do, who our target audiences are, what our strengths and weaknesses are and we find that being such an infant start-up/business, this is the right time to make mistakes and learn from them.

We realise before we can take our first steps unaided, our eagerness to walk allows us to many stumbles and downfalls before we reach that special day where we manage to get up, stand up, take a few steps for a few seconds before we stumble again.

But after this special day, it only gets better! It’s only a matter of time before we walk unaided and manage to uphold our balance and weight on our legs. Until then, we are developing our immune system and learning new things everyday.

In the course our year’s growth, we’ve started trading at Greenwich Market, traded at the Christmas pop-up in Clerkenwell, done many but a few studio photoshoot for upcoming actors, small businesses, fashion designers , drunk over a thousand cups of tea, updated our website over two thousand times, discovered and personally made a difference in the lives of some new endangered species on our trip to Mongolia, raised money to support The Mongolian Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, our chosen charity, by giving 10% from every sale made on our K&K Treasures, and watched the new Star Wars!

One thing we hold dearly to our hearts though, is that we are all about love. Our aim is to spread love in everything we do, from the products we make and the services we provide. Our aim is to spread love and allow anyone that comes to know us, wear our products or use our services feel the love we strongly represent. When it comes to our products, our love for the awareness and preservation of endangered animals fuels and inspires our prints featured on our K&K Treasures, and when it comes to our K&K Moments, we believe in creating timeless memories that last through generations. This is because we strongly believe memories are most significant when we look back at them and by capturing these moments, we can truly preserve the treasured moments that would otherwise be lost.

So far, we’ve enjoyed every bit of it and we can’t wait till we turn 2!

Until then, we’d like to wish ourselves a happy birthday and invite you to stick around on our journey of growth. Whilst doing so, we hope you’ll tell everybody about us and what we do!

Yours and only,

Kim & Kofi


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