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Our Mongolian Trip – Part 4: Getting to Camp

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ve read my previous blog posts about this topic. If not, it’ll make sense to understand what I’m mumbling about here.  Click the link below to read it!

I’d firstly like to say that this post is written in a way that describes my personal views and moments as they happened pre and along my trip to Mongolia. This may therefore mean the tone or grammatical arrangement of the content may be written in a documentary/diary-style language.

In reading this, I hope this gives you an idea of my adventurous trip to Mongolia with my girlfriend, who becomes my fiancée on this incredible trip to Mongolia.

Day 3 in Mongolia: Sunday September 21st 2015

Due to the excitement of leaving for Ikh Nart in the Semi Gobi desert steppes for our expedition with the endangered species Kim and I couldn’t sleep for long. Excitement and most importantly hunger were the causes of this.

We wake around midnight and have left-overs from last night’s team meeting dinner. After that, we catch up with family and prep our bags for the following morning.

Long story short, we have a small nap and wake up at 6 to get ready to meet the team for 7.30am
We get ready, and have our driver drop us to the location of the rest of the team. Next step, we pick the rest of the team and head to the train station for our 7 hours train ride to the Gobi.

7 hours later, having ate, laughed, slept, looked at the vast landscapes in the backgrounds, taken photos in the corridor of the old Russian train, similar to the Transiberian railway, we arrive at Shino Gobi train station. 11 minutes before we arrived at the station, we all had to prep our gear to ready ourselves for when the train arrived at the station. Reasons being that the train only stopped at the station for two minutes, for which we all had to rush off the train!


We successfully get off the train and are met and picked up by our drivers for the 50km drive to camp. A mere 30ish miles.

We had a beautiful drive to camp. Very bumpy, in these awesomely russian-built off-road vans. Lovely looking and sturdy.

On our way, we witness stunning scenery as well as side-road horses. Almost two hours into our drive and we arrive at camp. All gobsmacked by the beauty of its surroundings and size. Acres of free land to roam and be free. Amazing weather and sunset.


Few hours after arriving and dividing ourselves into groups and entering our gers (traditional Mongolian tents) we all conjoin and have an amazing dinner cooked by the camp chefs. After this, we all settle down and rest.

First night in camp, sleeping in a traditional Mongolian ger was great! Very dark and cold at night and every sense of being in the wilderness felt.


Watch out for the successive parts of this amazing trip, which involves travelling 7 hours into the gobi, getting engaged and capturing some argali!

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Thanks for reading.

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