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Our Mongolian Trip – Part 7: Visiting a nomad family

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ve read my previous blog posts about this topic. If not, it’ll make sense to understand what I’m mumbling about here.  Click the link below to read it!

I’d firstly like to say that this post is written in a way that describes my personal views and moments as they happened pre and along my trip to Mongolia. This may therefore mean the tone or grammatical arrangement of the content may be written in a documentary/diary-style language.

In reading this, I hope this gives you an idea of my adventurous trip to Mongolia with my girlfriend, who becomes my fiancée on this incredible trip to Mongolia.


Day 9 in Mongolia: Sunday, September 27th 2015

Today was a lazy day. Having finished our project, we spend the day visiting a nomad family, got to try traditional Mongolian tea and cheese/yogurt. Kim was made to wear a traditional Mongolian Deel which our host insisted, and it looked great on her! She looked beautiful in them!

“Our lovely host”


“Giving presents to our host from our group”


“A cool portrait telling you all about our host”


“Kim looking stunning in a Mongolian Deel”


After visiting the nomad family, we got back to camp for lunch, and after some rest, went snake hunting for Kevin to sample and test for salmonella in snakes. We were lucky and successful to have seen and taken samples from a viper on our walk.


We finish our walk and come back around 4pm, about two hours after we set off, to an afternoon of relaxation and no agendas. Dinner followed at 7.30pm, followed by a movie night of some clips from previous years of the argali project.  Great day. Matt and Rebecca left for UB in the morning and as the days roll by, we have four days till we go back to UB. We leave on Thursday to catch the midnight train to arrive at UB on Friday morning.

It turns out from general conversation that the Mongolian horsemen and the Mongolian men around generally had a liking to Kim. They couldn’t stop doing things for her or giving her chances to take photos during argali capture. Good call I proposed to her some days earlier!

I also on the other hand have become a celebrity in Mongolia. Everyone, especially the horsemen, and locals in Ikh Nart and people that have met me have one way or the other asked to take photos with me. Mostly because it’s the first time they’ve met a man with my complexion and also because Mongolians are super big fans of the NBA.

Watch out for the successive parts of this amazing trip, which involves capturing some argali and visiting a nomad family!

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Thanks for reading.


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