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Our Mongolian Trip – Part 8: Last few days at camp

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ve read my previous blog posts about this topic. If not, it’ll make sense to understand what I’m mumbling about here.  Click the link below to read it!

I’d firstly like to say that this post is written in a way that describes my personal views and moments as they happened pre and along my trip to Mongolia. This may therefore mean the tone or grammatical arrangement of the content may be written in a documentary/diary-style language.

In reading this, I hope this gives you an idea of my adventurous trip to Mongolia with my girlfriend, who becomes my fiancée on this incredible trip to Mongolia.


Day 10 in Mongolia: Monday, September 28th 2015 – Walking Transects

We did a bit of walking today, walking in groups of four, formed of about four to five people per group in 3 mile distances apart from each other whilst walking about 3 miles (5km) trying to locate argali in the area of the South from camp.

At the end of the walk, which took roughly two hours, we totalled around 130 argali spotted in the vast steppes during this Transect.


We then regrouped for lunch, followed by a drive to a hybernaculum which is basically a cave where a lot of snakes in the area gather for warmth before the winter. The area was therefore very infested with snakes everywhere we stepped, trying to get into the cave. A different experience. After this, we drove to a naturally erected granite with carvings and engravings from monks dating back 100 years. Back to camp followed, before dinner at 7pm an hour and half after.

Day 11 in Mongolia: Tuesday, September 29th 2015

Today has been a quite chilled day. We went argali and ibex spotting, then returned to camp for lunch. After lunch, counted, measured, weighed and recorded information on skulls of naturally deceased argali and ibexes.


Day 12 in Mongolia: Wednesday, September 30th 2015  – My birthday!

I wake up around 6am to the sound of Ulsen, our camp manager and shaman making our fire in our ger. God bless him. I go back to sleep and wake up at 6.20am to wake up Kevin and Benito for an early walk to try and spot some argali. We set off and walk about 10 minutes and see the clouds forming ahead of us. It starts to rain so we decide to turn around and head back to camp so not to get drenched and fall ill from the rain.

We get back before 7am and wait a bit for breakfast at 7.30. I leave my ger to walk towards the dinning room for breakfast.

We go into the dinning ger and are blessed with lovely breakfast. After breakfast, everyone sneakily gathers and surprise me with birthday song and I’m lucky enough to have a couple of Mongolian songs sang for me. Great special moment spent with lovely people from all over the world. I was given cake and a candle to make a wish.

Was given a few presents and a lovely handmade card made by my lovely fiancée who secretly made everyone in camp sign it.

Meanwhile due to rain we’ve halted our Transect till the rain cuts off. I’m writing this diary backk in my ger which I’ve been sharing with Simon from Australia, Kevin from Denver, and Benito from New Mexico. Right now we’re just listening to the rain whilst passing around jokes. Men and Banter. The rain passed and we decided to head out after lunch for Transects.

After about an hour waking Transects we headed back and rested for many hours till dinner was ready.

The end of the evening was concluded by dinner and a review of our results from the Transects.

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