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Our Mongolian Trip – Part 9: Back to Ulaanbaatar

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you’ve read my previous blog posts about this topic. If not, it’ll make sense to understand what I’m mumbling about here.  Click the link below to read it!

I’d firstly like to say that this post is written in a way that describes my personal views and moments as they happened pre and along my trip to Mongolia. This may therefore mean the tone or grammatical arrangement of the content may be written in a documentary/diary-style language.

In reading this, I hope this gives you an idea of my adventurous trip to Mongolia with my girlfriend, who becomes my fiancée on this incredible trip to Mongolia.


Day 13 in Mongolia: Thursday, October 1st 2015 – Last day in Ikh Nart

Last day and it’s all about packing and getting ready to leave for Ulaanbaatar. Our big bags leave by car and we leave camp around 7pm and officially catch the train at midnight and arrive in UB in the morning at 7 am. We’ve all so far exchanged contact details and given gifts to the Mongolian students. Post cards from London were our gifts to our Mongolian friends. Lunch followed, which later on saw group photos being taken before the departure of some of the camp members and the Mongolian students. We wait around doing small activities till dinner at 6pm and then set off into the nearest time to kill time before our midnight train into the capital. Around 6:40 pm we set off for the nearest town Dalanjargalan to catch our seven hours train at midnight, leaving us to arrive at Ulaanbaatar around 7am. On our way, our phones have received network and we’ve managed to update family.

Day 14 in Mongolia: Friday, October 2nd 2015 – Back to civilisation in Ulaanbaator

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