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The blue tick of verification


What is verified?

Many of you may wonder what I’m on about.

I’ve recently been meaning to write something about this topic which has lately been pondering on my mind.

Why do I find this a big matter, I ask myself.

We’ve all been familiar with verified accounts on a lot of our social media platforms; Twitter, recently Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and lately seem to find them on a much regular basis through searching for people to follow, or like, or be it pages, etc.

what does it mean to be verified?

Verified is a way of guaranteeing that one is reading or viewing content actually written by (or representing) the person or business in question; that you are looking at the account of official representation.That’s fair enough, and sounds straight forward enough.

Now, everyone has opinions and everyone has ways of seeing things. To my interpretation, (although I see the point of having a verified account) believe it to be another way of separating and classifying people. Just like the sad world has always classified simple things such as boy, girl, black, white, christian, muslim, which in all, has brought negative impacts to the existence of mankind than if left undivided nor declassified would lead to a better world.

It’s fair enough that people ought to be recognised for who they are, for their hard work, service to their country, fame, etc but what does it mean to those who have unverified accounts..? Does being unverified mean you are less as important as someone that’s verified? Is a person less of a human being or a business less successful for not having a verified icon?

I just see it as unnecessary and another strategic way to break the system and to classify the privileged from the non-privileged. The world has gone through a lot of countless war, hatred and racism from classism, status, devision, religion, put in place to differentiate, mock, boast and control people in boxes, making it easier to appraise, degrade, accept or reject a chosen class. There’s nothing so damaging in the world than not recognising or embracing two people of opposite spectrum, be it for race, religion or gender, as one.

I do not mean to sound needy or envious. In fact, I ask myself. Would I write about this if I was one to have a verified account on all my social network platforms? There’s no way of giving an answer to that, but I believe the answer comes right down to the type of person you are. It’s about how you see the world, how you see yourself, how you live your life. Many crave status and live off of things like these. Some believe a tick mark next to your name makes them more important than the next person in the same room as them.

The world has been broken and divided it’s people far too much by our own selfishness and envies to let a blue and white tick separate us even further.


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