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A fashion less endangered

A fashion less endangered

In the name of fashion, animals are beaten, electrocuted and even skinned in many countries. So I ask, is that real fur coat in the window of your favourite designer store a luxury statement now, or just a hurtful reminder? only you can make up your mind after reading the recent facts and statistics below.

According to Peta (People for ethical treatment of animals):

– Eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals who were held captive on fur factory farms, where they were crammed into severely crowded, filthy wire cages. Many were later beaten or electrocuted—and sometimes even skinned alive.

– Electrocuting fur-bearing animals anally and genitally is an agonising slaughter method used frequently in order to limit damage to the fur. New York is the first state to have banned this inhumane method.

– One billion rabbits are killed each year so that their fur can be used in clothing or for lures in fly fishing or trim on craft items.

As if this information isn’t haunting enough it isn’t just the animals themselves being tortured, it is also the very place they call their homes, habitats which belong to endangered species such as the Sumatran Orangutan, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Rhinoceros and Sumatran Elephant are being put in danger, with 150 million trees being logged every year and turned into a fabric referred to as ‘rayon’’. Approximately 30% of these trees come from old growth forests that are critical hot spots of biodiversity and home to some of our planet’s most endangered species. With demand for rayon expected to double in the next decade, some species are at serious risk of going extinct due to the loss of their forest habitat.

A brief article like this can only scratch the service, but bringing a small bit of light (or a bit of silk goodness) to a dark subject can make a difference in a world which is sacrificing animals lives for a coat sometimes only worn once or twice.

So what can you do to help, you ask? here at K&K Labs a singular purchase of one of our beautiful silk scarves can do the work for you whilst you go out looking like the true hero you are; wonder woman has to have a suitable costume after-all. This is due to each purchase of ANY of our products going towards the life saving cause of raising awareness for endangered animals, including 10% of our profit going to a chosen charity every single year.

With the cold winter months hitting, we have you covered also; the diversity of our designs can remind you of the wonderful impact you are making each day (or night) through each intricate design including designs of the beautiful animals you are helping to save with one singular purchase. Don’t forget animal print is also a powerful print which won 2020 and is running gracefully into 2021 so why not grab yourself a faux fur coat whilst you’re at it; saving these wonderful creaters one outfit at a time through the help of some the perfect matches shown below.

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