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KKLaber Christine makes trip to Berlin with K&K LABS silk scarf

Meet Christine! Our bakery/fashionista lovely friend. Recently she had a short trip to Berlin and she was kind enough to tell us how her experience was!

Hi Christine, tell me a little bit about your trip and why you decided to go to Berlin? 

My trip to Berlin was short and sweet. We only went for 3 days. We decided to go there in particular as its a creative and cultural place that’s not too far from London. Me and the girls wanted to soak up the culture and the art scene. We managed to see the Holocaust memorial and the Berlin Wall. We got to see and imagine what life was like during WW2.

What was the highlight of your holiday?

That’s easy. Definitely the highlight of this trip was the Berlin Zoo. I am such a big animal lover and loved seeing the variety of animals. Oh and also if you do go make sure you check out the cafe House of Small wonders. The best French toast croissant!

That’s great! What is your favourite animal?

Oh Gosh! I love them all but Pandas! I want to be a Panda Nanny haha. I’ve always had a fascination with dolphins too. Really want to swim with them. 

Wonderful! Have you had a chance to see Pandas or Dolphins before? 

I’ve seen the Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo and I plan to swim with Dolphins next year but first I need to to learn how to swim! 

How does it feel owning one of silk scarves? 

I love my scarf.  It’s such a beautiful creation that is not only unique in the design but highlights the importance of endangered species.

What made you choose that particular scarf out of our collection? 

I went with this particular scarf because I love the combination of colours used.

We really love the way you styled your outfit! What’s your styling tips ? 

Thank you guys. I think just be you and be true to yourself. I always wear what I feel comfortable in.

Would you recommend your travels to anyone ? 

I would definitely recommend Berlin. There’s so much to do. So much art and culture to see.

And finally, would you go again ? 

Yes most definitely, I don’t feel as though I had enough time there so would like to visit again. There’s so much to see!

Thank you so much for talking to us!! 

My pleasure!


Find Christine @ PristineBakes

Photo Credits by Christine T