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Kim & Kofi ansah

K&K Labs was established in 2015, out of love for saving endangered species, whilst empowering you to feel good, do good and look good with our gorgeous hand illustrated silk scarves.

Our story

K&K LABS is a fashion & accessory brand and home to our beautiful, original artwork intertwined into sumptuous silk scarves. But it’s much more than just a brand… Our community has grown into friends that want to save the world together. And that is why our motto is to save the planet one accessory at a time. 

My husband and I have always had an incredible amount of love for animals, wildlife and nature. The more news we read about wildlife becoming endangered through human activities such as poaching and global warming, the more worried we got. Because we believe our children and the next generation deserve a world where wildlife lives peacefully in abundance and in their natural habitat without all the chaos to extinction. It was this very moment that made us want to use our skills to somehow save the world! And so K&K Labs was born.

In my early childhood memories, I always saw my mother wearing a beautiful pink silky chiffon scarf. She would drape her scarf over her shoulders every time we went out and I recall thinking how beautiful and elegant she looked. Occasionally I would take her scarf, wear it and feel like a powerful princess! 

Fast forward to my adulthood of becoming a fashion textiles designer, this memory always stuck with me and it really inspired me to make scarves that empowered women and make them feel the way that I felt! - Powerful! 

Intertwining these factors just made perfect sense to us. That’s why you’ll always hear us say #dogoodfeelgoodlookgood

Do good for raising awareness for endangered species, feel good in our luxurious silky scarf and Hey! You’re looking fineee!!! You’ll be feeling empowering! Ready to conquer the world! There’s really no stopping you now! 

When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman

Audrey Hepburn

Our goal is to leave a positive impact on our planet and so being sustainable and ethical throughout the business has always been our number one priority. 

We’ve created quality pieces to be treasured and to spark joy for many years to come, so we reject the idea of fast fashion and seasonality in our brand. 

Doing so, we favour a slow and considered approach to design. Making K&K designs to be timeless and trend-less.


I have loved Art, drawing, making and just being creative from as early as I can remember. Art has always been the centre of my happiness. 

Being able to showcase our original artwork of these majestic endangered species into our products and to raise awareness is the best feeling one could ever ask for.


As an effort to reduce the use of plastic and minimize waste, we use 100% recyclable materials whenever we can. 

We’ve also re-used our off-cut fabrics to make other items, such as silk- covered notebooks and scrunchies so that nothing goes to waste. 

Kindly note we are still in the process of transitioning in case you get a mix with your new orders.


Our mission is to save the world one accessory at a time, therefore it’s a no-brainer that we’ve always wanted to give back to conservations and charities working towards protecting endangered species from the beginning of our launch. 

It’s our promise that 10% of our profits will be donated to a chosen charity at the end of each year.

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