how to care for your K&K scarves

Silk scarves are rarely washed but if you really need to, we highly recommend you take it to your dry cleaners. 

But if you can’t and you really need to wash your silks at home then please follow our instructions carefully. 

So let’s begin 

1. Fill a large bowl or plug your sink and fill it up with cold water 

2. Add a little mild silk-friendly detergent in to your water and let it dissolve 

3. Place your silk scarf in the water and let it sit for no more than 5minutes 

4. Swish your scarf slowly and gently 

5. Rinse well with cold water 

6. To help keep its hydrated feel, use a fabric conditioner in the final rinse (or even a small amount of hair conditioner).

7. Rinse well with cold water.

8. Ball your scarf together to remove excess moisture (wringing your silk out will damage its fibres). 

9. Then lay it flat and roll it in a towel to absorb any lingering moisture.

10. Lay flat to dry

11. If you have wrinkles in your scarf it’s best to use a steamer instead of iron 

With your silk scarf fresh and clean, you’re ready to go out there and conquer the world in style! 

Do’s & don’ts

Here are extra some tips to care for your beautiful scarves. 


Take your silk scarves to your dry cleaners and always hand wash your silk scarves if you can’t

Read detergent labels with ‘suitable for silk’ or ‘delicate’ on it

Always use cold water. 

Use steam to steam out the wrinkles 

In case you don’t have a steamer- A great steamer hack is to hang your scarf in the bathroom and let it steam while you take a hot shower.

If you can’t steam then to iron safely, set the iron on to low heat (or the silk setting).

Iron silk only once it’s dry and make sure to put a cloth in between the silk and the iron

To avoid ironing, the best solution for your silk is to store it by hanging it in a cool dry place.

Here at K&K, we provide the ideal storage conditions with the scarf's original box, so fold it up and keep it out of sunlight to prevent fading.

Silk is a protein, this means it can attract moths, so if you add a natural moth repellent close to your storage, your silks will be sure to thank you.


Don’t machine wash your silk scarves, it will ruin the fibres 

Don’t use bleach or perfumes- Harsh chemicals can compromise silk fibres and can even cause stains or unwanted spots. 

Do not wring, twist, or rub the silk scarf while washing

Don’t soak your scarf in the water for more than 5minutes 

Silk creases so it’s best not to fold or leave it bunched up for long. 

Never expose your silks in direct sunlight as it can fade the colours and weaken the fibre 

Never overlook the care instructions

Never put your scarf in the dryer as intense heat can make silk lose its lustre and possibly shrink.

Do not spray or wet silk whilst ironing, you may get water-stains

Don’t wash with other colours as it may bleed onto your silk and vice versa

Please note that Silk fabrics are luxurious but also very delicate. It’s also an investment piece and a fabric that should be bought with a long-term relationship in mind. 

With better manufacturing technology we have today, a lot of the silk scarves fashion labels are more resilient and tougher. However, it is always better to be safer than sorry. Proper care and storage will help the longevity of your silk’s life, so you can enjoy your beautiful treasures for many years to come and even pass it down to your loved ones one day.